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I am a home brewer, having started like most home brewers with brew kits.  Over the years I have built my own brewing system, mostly from parts salvaged from home, friends or ‘scrap’.  For me brewing beer to my taste is one of the reasons I brew.  Understanding how systems work is also important but brewing and dispensing cost effectively is critical as well. With these objectives I have put together this site to share my stories, provide products and help home brewers find affordable kegging solutions.

I am based just outside Cape Town in Somerset West and operate from home to reduce overheads and pass on the savings onto brewers.  I carry a product range with backup advice for the home brewer wishing to keg their craft beer directly from corny kegs.  It all started when I could not find corny kegs for my home brew after the tedious task of bottling and did not want to use kegs I could not open, look inside and clean with everyday items.  After extensive searching and using some ‘contacts’ I managed to import some used Coca Cola kegs at a reasonable price.  I then discovered that much of the dispensing equipment available locally is not aimed at the home brewer but rather large volume commercial pubs and breweries.  The home brewers setups are small, usually with short gas and beer lines and using carbon dioxide only rather than Suremix, which is a mix of carbon dioxide and nitrogen. 

The carbon dioxide side of the dispensing is easy with affordable equipment as home brewers around the world use carbon dioxide fire extinguisher (2 or 5kg) to carbonate their kegs.  This is achieved through a simple connector and a 2 stage regulator that allow pressure setting between 0 and 5 bar.  

On the dispensing side, the range of products was more limited.  So I have imported a range of home brew products.  These include: variable flow and standard taps (in stainless steel or brass) and very importantly small internal diameter beer line and connectors, see our range under Products.  If the system is balanced using properly sized beer line (see Balancing your system) and cleaned & maintained regularly (see Caustic soda cleaning), foam free pouring is not a problem.  Ideally the beer should be stored and dispensed from a fridge (Kegerators and keezers).  I provide advice on setting up these systems and supply affordable drip trays and locally manufactured beer towers.  

I stay on a smallholding just outside Somerset West on the R44 on the Stellenbosch side and can be visited by prior arrangement at most reasonable hours, call me to check what I have in stock, or to arrange a time to pop in.  

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