February 2020

I have a few new taps, Intertap, these are forward sealing taps and are less likely to stick if they are not used for a few days, simialr in function to the Perlick faucets.  It still requires a shank, the same as the Krome taps which I stock.  See https://www.kegworks.com/blog/intertap-vs-perlick-draft-beer-faucets/



October 2015

Just brought in my new stock of dispensing equipment and this batch includes some stout taps, see picture below.  A few beer brewers are venturing into this adventurous part of dispensing, but it is mostly the nitro coffee that has stimulated this demand.  Nitrogen, unlike carbon dioxide (where fire extinguishers can be used), is supplied in gas cylinders that must be rented from gas suppliers.  They charge in the region of about R150 per month rental excluding the gas.  Also a nitrogen regulator is required as the N2 gas is stored at higher pressure than CO2. These gas cylinders contain pure N2 or pure CO2, and typically mixtures of 30% CO2 and 60% CO2, with N2 comprising the balance are also available.  Nitrogen is a relativley inert gas (80% of the air we breath is N2) and does not significantly affect the flavour and is used more as a 'propellant' or to create the 'theatre' when a pint is pulled through a stout tap with lots of rising bubbles and the typical head.  Anyone seen a Guinness pint pulled would know this. This is a whole new world of beer dispensing not to mention the brewing.  A good stout is a great accompaniment to such theatre.


September 2015

After a quiet winter keg sales have kicked off with the hint of spring.  Stocks are running low but I have ordered another batch to arrive hopefully in October.  The bad news is the exchange rate!  My last import was at about R10.50, now we are looking at R13.50!!  I will need to check the final cost after clearing agents, SARS etc but an increase is inevtitable.  However I still have stock at my old prices so early birds best get your kegs and other items now to avoid a posisble steep increase in prices!


22 May 15

Just off loaded more stock lots more new goodies!!  I have a few new small stainless steel drip trays, a nice faucet wrench this makes makes removing your tap for cleaning very easy.  Also a spout extension if you want a longer spout on your taps.  A different tap plug, with a small brush to keep the spout clean and free of bugs.

Splicers for joinng beer line and joining different diameter beer lines.

Non-return gas shut off valve so you can't accidently push beer back into your regulator.

5 May 2015

I have had several queries for couplers for other kegs aside from my normal pin lock corny's.  I now stock a limited supply for S type (mostly Heineken, Windhoek & Amstell) and G -type, (mostly for SAB & Brewhouse), see my products tab For sale for prices and pictures.


Check your keg top to see the type of coupler you need.