After much trial and error and much joy but equal frustration I have now sorted out the wine barrel fridge to accommodate 2 corny kegs so you can dispense your two favorite beers together, or have a spare should one suddenly run dry!  I use the obe for cider to offer something different.  

The barrel is now a 300 litre rather the smaller 225 litre.  I have also been able to compact the refrigeration parts to a very small part of the unit while it has a larger compressor and cold plate and can easily accommodate the 2 kegs in all types of weather.

My next project is to see if we can get beer from one tap and white wine from the other - I just need to sort out the gasses.

The good news is I have been able to contain the costs as it takes less time to put them together and can now offer the fridge unit on its own for R6 500.  With 2 kegs, taps, stainless steel tower, regulator etc., a-ready-to-go system is now R12 000.

You don't need to brew your own beer to enjoy craft beer at home, some local breweries will sell their beer in bulk in a corny keg, simly contact your local brewery and see if they can accommodate you.  Triggerfish in Somerset West brew a wide range of very drinkable and affordable craft beers and sell them in corny kegs.